Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted must undergo a rigorous peer review process, in order to ensure that articles published in STEMedicine hold a high standard of scientific originality, ethics and quality. STEMedicine adopts a 'blind' peer review process, where the reviewers’ identity remains confidential to the authors during the review.

Manuscripts are electronically reviewed, and all correspondence between reviewers and editors are conducted via the journal system and/or e-mail. The reviewers are encouraged to meet the deadlines and send the report within a reasonable time period, in order to ensure timely review and timely publication.

Before agreeing to review the manuscript, we ask all reviewers to declare competing interests if:

  • the reviewers could profit or be negatively impacted financially by the submitted research;
  • the reviewers have a personal relationship with the authors;
  • the reviewers and the authors are rivals or competitors;
  • the reviewers have recently worked at the same institution or organization as the authors;
  • the reviewers have or are currently collaborating with the authors.

After agreeing to review the manuscript, the most important factors that must be considered by a reviewer are:

  • The article must match the area of expertise of the reviewer.
  • It’s important to give a fair time to review an article so time is another constraint.
  • The manuscripts must not be shared with anyone but your own.
  • Different people have different perceptions. Read an article and make sure that your review is in accordance with the article as well as need of the journal.
  • Comments must be reasonable with firm logic.